PlanWebsite Space (GB)Hosting (€ / year)Domain (€ / year)FeaturesHosting (€ / mese)Domain (€ / anno) 
tophostTophost0,15,99IncludedNO LIMITS traffic, 1 email0.495,99Vedi
tophostTophost20,010,99IncludedNO LIMITS traffic, 30 email, PHP, 4 MySQL databases0.9210,99Vedi
Schermata 2013-06-19 alle 16,47,45Netsons10,015,00Included1.2515Vedi
hostingvirtuale_linuxHosting Virtuale5,015,00Included1.2515Vedi
tophostTophost30,019,99IncludedNO LIMIT traffic, 30 GB, 50 email, PHP, MySQL (6 db)1.6719,99Vedi
Siteground10,047,40IncludedUntil 10,000 visitors per month3.95FreeDetails
50,035,40IncludedUnmetered bandwidth, 100MB per email account, 1 main domain, 25 subdomains 2.95Free

Which hosting providers allow us to save money? What are the best low-cost hosting? Finding a cheap hosting for your website is not that difficult: in this page you can see some of the most convenient hosting proposals, with the description of the most important features of each of them. The topic seems very interesting, so I thought to take it up again. I have updated this article with the most interesting news on the subject, so that they can benefit everyone involved.

In this page I have listed a table with the main market offers related to web hosting: the offers in the table show the name of the offer, the web space offered, the annual cost of the domain and hosting (and corresponding monthly cost). More importantly, the offers provide for a maximum cost of 20 euros per year.

Please Note: the prices indicated were calculated manually for the last time on January 3, 2018, they could be changed at the time of your purchase and are not inclusive of VAT. The price calculation was made for the exemplary purchase of a .IT domain, ie the costs of other TLD extensions could be different.

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