Sometimes you may need to reset your keyword because is not working anymore, or is working just sometimes. Please note that if your keyboard is not working anymore while you are using Mac, it could depend by low-level battery so please charge it immediately, if this is the case.

Resetting SMC (System Management Controller)

SMC is a low-level componente on Intel-based Mac, and it serves to make work: power button (i.e when your power button does not work, Mac dead etc.), battery problems, Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS), display lid opening and closing, Keyboard backlighting, Ambient light sensing, Status indicator light (SIL) management, iMac displays, external video source, Battery status and Thermal management. These components are depending by SMC so if you having troubles making them work, SMC reset could give you right response.

MacBook con batteria removibile:

MacBook senza batteria removibile:

Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini Intel e Xserve:

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Web Hosting

Resetting PRAM


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