About this error: this is a common kind of error, tipically it happens when resource is not available i.e because it is gone, it was moved etc.

410 error is like a “dead end“, and URL that gives this back to your browser or client is not useful at all; you should need to email system or website administrator or developers for fixing it back. Please do not make confusion between 410 and 404 error, because they are similar in substance but not equal; as a matter of fact, 404 says that resource is gone just for now (and could be redirected in future, for instance), 410 that resource is gone forever: Any SEO need to know this difference for Google crawling and indexing; i.e if your web page returns a 404 it is a temporary removed page alert, while if returns 410 it will be considered gone forever and crawler shall not pass again.

How to solve: if URL is not useful in your application, you could ignore it. Meanwhile, if you need that URL you need to review code generating that URL or send an error notification to your administrator.

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