If you search for any information about NGINX web server solution, you will surely find that is better than Apache. This could be true for some reasons, but in general comparison would be more precise. NGINX comed out to make something different than Apache, but you can use it as a good and fast webserver i.e for WordPress.

Web server is just necessary for all web serves to get requests from clients and give responses back over the internet. The two major web servers are Nginx (more recent) and Apache (more old)

Apache comes out as an “experienced” webserver for any websites and web services, and it is available as free and open source, while Nginx was out in recent years (2003). NGINX, by other way, is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, known for low-resources consuption.

Threads. In the web servers world, NGINX is an asynchronous server, while Apache is a process-based server. This is the mainly important difference between them, and you need to do some other step for understanding real difference. The NGINX advantage is about scalability, i.e for each connection you need a thread (a software process), while in asynchronous one you just have few thread managing all stuff. In a process-based server (Apache), each connection requires a thread which incurs significant overhead. An asynchronous server (NGINX), on the other hand, is event-driven and handles requests in a single (or at least, very few) threads.

RAM consuption. For example, serving 10,000 simultaneous connections would probably only cause NGINX to use a few megabytes of RAM, while Apache would likely consume hundreds of megabytes (if it could do it at all).

And here you are a nice and short comparison table for you.

Web Hosting
Supported OS
Linux, Unix, MacOS, WindowsLinux, Unix, MacOS, Windows
SupportForum (free)Forum (free), corporate support
Costs / DevelopingFree, open sourceFree, open source
How does it worksLess options than Apache, more fast giving static files back (i.e reverse proxy)More options than NGINX, but could be slower on too much client connections.


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